• TEMPTRAINING - The training fund for temporary employment sector will finance Linguaviva’s courses to temporary workers.
    More info: http://www.tempservice.ch/temptraining/fr-CH/dynasite.cfm?CFID=6337577&CFTOKEN=97564543
  • BON DE FORMATION CONTINUE - This Bon is one of the most unique gift ideas. Thanks to this Bon companies and individuals can easily select one of Linguaviva’s courses.
    More info: http://www.bonformationcontinue.ch/fr/
  • UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE - An Unemployment insurance will finance IT and language courses which may significantly improve an unemployed person to find a new job.
  • INVALIDITY INSURANCE - Invalidity insurance will finance IT and language courses which aim to maintain or to reintegrate the insured person in the labor market.
  • SOCIAL & FINANCIAL HELP - Linguaviva’s IT and language courses may be financed under the Geneva Act for reintegration and individual wellfare.

We are open to address all your requirements, contact us.

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" I have learned a lot with LinguaViva that gives me the opportunity to find a new job. "

Amelie G.

"I have been taking French lessons at Linguaviva ever since I arrived in Geneva. This has made it a lot easier for me to adapt to daily life here. "

Cathlin J. - Chairman JCTraade

" Thanks to Russian and Bulgarian lessons at Linguaviva, communication with our clients has improved and the number of orders have increased. "


Director International Operations

"It is extremely difficult for Slaves to learn the French language. Linguaviva teachers‘ commitment and professionalism helped me to become familiar with Molière’s language very quickly "

Larissa L. - Ukraine

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