For Geneva taxpayers and "Frontaliers".

This grant is a result of the State wanting to encourage the professional development of adults, whatever their line of activity may be. This grant allows you to finance a minimum of 40 hours of classes which can be used for professional development purposes; up to 750.- Swiss Francs per person per year.

It is granted on the basis of the applicant's gross annual income, civil status and personal assets. The Annual Grant for Continuing Education may be granted for three consecutive years.

Who can benefit from an Annual Grant for Continuing Education?

  • Persons over 18 who have both been living and paying taxes in the canton of Geneva for at least one year at the start date of the requested course.
  • Persons over 18 who have held a "frontalier" work permit for at least one year at the start date of the requested course.
  • Swiss nationals over the age of 18 living in neighboring France (zone frontalière) who have been working in the canton for at least one year at the start date of the requested course.

Net assets are also taken into account, after a deduction of 30'000 Swiss Francs.

How does one request an Annual Grant for Continuing Education?

Contact Linguaviva. Identify your training needs and ensure that the course applied for corresponds to your level. Register for a course of your choice, pay registration fee. Linguaviva will take care of your application for the Grant and it's follow-up.

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  • TEMPTRAINING - The training fund for temporary employment sector will finance Linguaviva’s courses to temporary workers.
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  • BON DE FORMATION CONTINUE - This Bon is one of the most unique gift ideas. Thanks to this Bon companies and individuals can easily select one of Linguaviva’s courses.
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  • UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE - An Unemployment insurance will finance IT and language courses which may significantly improve an unemployed person to find a new job.
  • INVALIDITY INSURANCE - Invalidity insurance will finance IT and language courses which aim to maintain or to reintegrate the insured person in the labor market.
  • SOCIAL & FINANCIAL HELP - Linguaviva’s IT and language courses may be financed under the Geneva Act for reintegration and individual wellfare.

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" J’ai appris beaucoup avec Linguaviva, ce qui me permet de trouver un nouveau travail. "

Amelie G.

"J’ai pris des cours de français à Linguaviva dès mon arrivée à Genève. Grâce à ces cours, j’ai pu m’adapter plus facilement à la vie ici. "

Cathlin J. - Chairman JCTraade

" Grace aux cours de russe et de bulgare à Linguaviva. La communication avec nos clients s’est améliorée et le nombre de commandes a augmenté "


Director International Operations

"C’est extrêmement difficile pour les Slaves d’apprendre le français. L’implication et le professionnalisme des enseignants de Linguavivam’ont aidé à pratiquer la langue de Molière rapidement. "

Larissa L. - Ukraine

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