In today's global world speaking several languages improves dramatically your way of doing business and to communicate with colleagues locally and globally.

LINGUAVIVA has extensive experience in the provision of in-company language courses. We work for different business sectors, which gives us a deep knowledge of specific vocabulary and corporate language.

We offer tailor-made language courses for professionals indoors and outdoors.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate services are offered to multinational companies, international organizations and to local companies and authorities in Geneva and Lake Geneva Region up to Lausanne.

From a needs assessment to the achievement of a LINGUAVIVA certificate or an other official certificate, we offer a host of services specially designed for businesses.

In order to maximize the potential of each individual, we develop a training program in collaboration with the business client.

A Customized Teaching Program and Service

LINGUAVIVA provides specific programs to professionals from various business sectors (banking, finance, hospitality/hotel industry, judicial, medical, trade, etc.)

These programs can be custom-tailored to meet our corporate clients and learners particular needs.

In addition to the teaching of the language, we are committed to provide a cultural dimension to our students. The aim of our instructors is to supplement the teaching of their mother tongue with a cultural aspect as well.

Determination of Needs

  • Assessing the personal situation of students (work role, beginner level).
  • Linguistic aims of the business as well as the employees involved in the course.
  • Specifics and priorities regarding tasks that should be conducted in the study of the new language.
  • Determination of constraints including time span - availability - budget.
  • Review of linguistic skills - Evaluation of future learners.

Choice of Content, Setting up the Course and Definition of Objectives

  • Content of program to be covered.
  • Choice of pedagogical materials.
  • Determination of main areas to address: oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression, perfection of telephone communication, production and understanding of professional texts, awareness of cultural disparities, awareness of technical language, business language.
  • Pedagogical objectives to be reached.
  • Course form (number of participants per group, time, place).
  • Possibility of transferring course units purchased from one student to another. (Private lessons).

Pedagogical Follow-up

  • Arrangement of a mid-course test (opportunity for possible adjustments to the program).
  • Arrangement of a final test and the provision of an end of course certificate or a LINGUAVIVA Certificate indicating the CEFR level reached by the student.
  • Sending of the class attendance lists to show the diligence of the students.
  • Sending of intermediate and final progress reports .
  • Swiftly arranged meetings with the training advisor.

We are open to address all your requirements, contact us.

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" I have learned a lot with LinguaViva that gives me the opportunity to find a new job. "

Amelie G.

"I have been taking French lessons at Linguaviva ever since I arrived in Geneva. This has made it a lot easier for me to adapt to daily life here. "

Cathlin J. - Chairman JCTraade

" Thanks to Russian and Bulgarian lessons at Linguaviva, communication with our clients has improved and the number of orders have increased. "


Director International Operations

"It is extremely difficult for Slaves to learn the French language. Linguaviva teachers‘ commitment and professionalism helped me to become familiar with Molière’s language very quickly "

Larissa L. - Ukraine

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