An international recognized certificate validates your knowledge and gives you the opportunity to show off your skills. Getting certified gives you the opportunity to advance in your academic career, improve your professional profile and your financial situation.


Preparation for official exams

Academic exams :

  • GERMAN : Geothe
  • SPANISH : Cervantes
  • ITALIAN : Perugia
Business exams :
  • DFP  (Business French Diplomas)
  • BEC  (Cambridge English Business Certificates) - B1, B2, C1
  • TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication)
  • Deutsch für den Beruf - B1, B2

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" I have learned a lot with LinguaViva that gives me the opportunity to find a new job. "

Amelie G.

"I have been taking French lessons at Linguaviva ever since I arrived in Geneva. This has made it a lot easier for me to adapt to daily life here. "

Cathlin J. - Chairman JCTraade

" Thanks to Russian and Bulgarian lessons at Linguaviva, communication with our clients has improved and the number of orders have increased. "


Director International Operations

"It is extremely difficult for Slaves to learn the French language. Linguaviva teachers‘ commitment and professionalism helped me to become familiar with Molière’s language very quickly "

Larissa L. - Ukraine

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